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Warm-up (No Measure)


3 rounds of:

30-seconds of jumping jacks

10 gymnastics crunch

10 push-ups to a side plank

6 Cossack squats


Air squat

5 squat therapy reps

– 3-sec. eccentric and 3-sec concentric

5 air squats with feet together

5 squat therapy rep

5 air squats with feet wide

5 squat therapy reps

5 air squats


30-second high plank hold

5 push-ups

Dumbbell snatch

Perform 2 rounds of the following progression: first with a light dumbbell; second with a heavier dumbbell

5 Dumbbell deadlift, per side

5 Dumbbell deadlift + shrug, per side

5 Dumbbell muscle snatch, per side

5 Dumbbell power snatch, per side

3 Cycled dumbbell power snatch, per side


Perform 2 rounds of:

3 air squats

6 dumbbell snatches (increase load to intended workout weight in the second round if possible)

3 push-ups

Support Your Local Box #1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10-min. AMRAP:

10 squats

9 dumbbell snatches, right arm

10 push-ups

9 dumbbell snatches, left arm

♀ 35 lb. ♂ 50 lb.
there is a weight on this one today because it is the official CrossFit WoD. Don’t worry about the weight.