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GYM: Metcon (No Measure)

4 Position Pull Up

4 Rounds:

Active Bar Hang :30/:20

(Shoulder blades pulled down, False grip if possible.)

4 Rounds:

5-8 Bottom Half Pull Ups

(Push shoulders behind bar, pull to 90 degrees. Keep Chin tucked.)

4 Rounds:

3-6 Top Half Pull Ups

(Pull from 90 degrees to chin over bar, keep chin tucked.)

3 Rounds:

Top of Pull Up Hold :30/:30

(Keep chin over bar and tucked)
All of these can be done on a box!

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100 Double under buy in


5 Rounds:

10 Toes to Bar

50’ Handstand Walk*

10 Walking KB Snatch Lunge 44/35**


100 Double under cash out
If you are doing this at home double unders can be subbed for Plate hops or Jumping Jacks if a jumprope is not available

*sub to HS hold, shoulder taps, around world on box

**do an arcing kb snatch into a walking lunge