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Split Jerk (3 3 3 3 3)

Work to a heavy 3 split jerk

Kerrie (Time)

Wearing a weight vest (20/14lb),

10 rounds for time of:

100-m sprint

5 burpees

20 sit-ups

15 push-ups

100-m sprint

Rest 2 minutes
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3 Rounds

10 Alternating walking toe touch

20′ Bear crawl forward

10 Glute bridge w/o weight

20′ Bear crawl backwards


Box Drops 4 x 5-8reps

*Standing on elevated object (box, chair, bench, etc) “walk off” the edge of box, land flat footed in 90 degree squat or above, stopping downward momentum

This is a control exercise, make sure hips and butt are back, weight not in toes.


For Time

5 Rounds

12 object deadlifts

9 object hang clean

6 object shoulder to overhead