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KB: Metcon (Weight)


1. Elevated Foot Cossack RDL 5 ea.

2. Wide Bent Over Row (2 KBs)

3. Dead Clean to Bent Press
Record Clean and Press weight

FLOW: Metcon (No Measure)

Row 500M

10 Arch to Hollow

10ea. Walking Lunge

1:00 ea. Couch Stretch

Row 350M

5 Kipping Pull-Up

5 Toe to Bar

10ea. Pistols

1:30 Wall Hinge

Row 250M

20 Gymnastics Crunch

10 Cossack Squat
This is the last FloCon for a while. We have been doing these as a way to mitigate over exertion before the Open. Tomorrow is the last Open workout! Good Luck!!