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Front Rack Step Up (6 6 6 6)

6 ea leg

try for 20-30% of your backsquat with the goal of doing all 4 sets of 6 at the same weight

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

15 Strict Pull-Up

400M Run
RX+ = 5 Strict MU

HOME: Metcon (Time)

Warm Up

3 Rounds

15 Lunge w/ hamstring stretch

10 Scap Pushups

5 Pushups

KB/DB Step Up

6 ea leg

*Step onto safe and stable object or box. If you do not have heavy enough weight to do this, do 12 ea leg.

**If you are not able to step up safely onto something, do weighted reverse lunges w/ KB/DB.


3 Rounds

10ea Arm Alt Bent Over Row*

20 Jumping Lunges
*If you do not have two, 10 ea side. Purpose w/ these today is controlled, no “kipping” rows.