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Power Snatch (3 3 3 )

Unbroken 3 rep power snatch try for 70, 70, 70

WoD: 2021 Quarterfinal Test 5 (Time)


Snatch (any snatch) 185/135

Burpee Box Jump 30″
time cut off 7 min

goal is no fails, no falls, and finishing

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run
rest 5:00 after WoD

HOME: Metcon (Time)


With a 7 minute running clock & a sectioned off space for line drills, do:

Zombie kicks, jog back

Playground skips, jog back

High Skips, jog back

Walking Lunge w/ Twist, jog back

Spiderman crawl, job back



5 Rounds

12 KB Swings

9 KB Cleans

6 KB Push Press or Jerk

*May also use DB

Rest 5:00, then:

1-Mile Max Effort Run
Log mile time into appropriate section and Metcon time for this!