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Warm-up (No Measure)

Testing folks you have today off. I’ll have some things for you on Monday. Nothing super hard. In between today and Tuesday try to finish anything you haven’t finished.

Team you guys have off Monday. Field day/weekend next weekend.

Congrats to Beau on his incredible performance this weekend!

TEAM1: Metcon (Time)

Synchro MF/MF

26 Deadlift (done one one bar together) 450

26 Chest to Bar (Synchro)

18 Deadlift

18 Bar Muscle-Up

12 Deadlift

12 Burpee Bar Muscle-Up

TEAM2: Metcon (Time)

Done Together (when running you must stay connected – just use two bands and everyone must hold one)

Use Weight Vest

Run is done together, use two barbells. One female one male. One person can squat at a time. All other athletes must hang from a bar.

800M Run

50 Overhead Squats (115/85)

400M Run

40 Front Squat 115/85

200M Run

30 Overhead Squat

TEAM3: Shoulder Press (3 3 3 3)


TEAM4: Weighted Pull-ups (3 3 3 3)


TEAM5: Metcon (Time)

Weight Vest

2 Rounds

10/7 RMU

80 Air Squats

Rest 3:00