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Warm-up (No Measure)

Hello CrossFit Lite!

615AM today will be done with CF downstairs. We are a little short staffed as this is vacation season. We should have most of the other classes staffed up this week!

Three Position Cleans (1 1 1 1)

1= (Hang Clean Above Knee, Hang Clean Below Knee, Full Clean)
Let’s get back into the swing of things!!

Three position snatches are meant to be done unbroken. If injury risk is a factor, please drop between sets.

You can always do power clean if you are unfamiliar with the squat clean.

The easiest position is the hang from above the knee, so we can always do 3 cleans from there if that makes more sense.

Work up in weight, do 4 separate weights not including warm-up weight.

WoD: Metcon (Time)

Do Twice


Squat Clean 95/65