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The Gymnastics Course Experience

DO LESS…BUT BETTER Lena Mentyka from Verdant here! These are my impressions of my time at the Gymnastics Course! Last weekend, at the 2-day Gymnastics Course I attended in Seattle, I kept wishing I could have taken you all with me. Instead you’re going to have to be satisfied with this blog post and I’ll […]

2021 CrossFit Games Community Event

Our CrossFit Games Open 2021 Community Event will have three teams competing for gymwide dominance. The three teams are easy – think of your first name and that will tell you what team you are in! Team #1 (Name Unknown) – First Names A-H Team #2 (Name Unknown) – First Names I-P Team #3 (Name Unknown) – […]

2021 CrossFit Games Open

The 2021 CrossFit Games Open is UPON US!!! Actually, sorry, it’s the NOBULL CrossFit Games!! NOBULL is probably the first in a long list of major changes to the CrossFit Games that you might not have known about. Before we get too far down the road, WHAT ARE THE CROSSFIT GAMES? Well, the CrossFit Games […]

How to Demand Excellence from Yourself

At our recent Verdant Coaches Retreat in McCall, we discussed a few concepts you may notice coaches emphasizing. These go beyond just how to better coach a squat or pull-up. Basile asked each of us to start taking a “them not me” approach in our role as coaches and as members of the gym. He […]

Scaling: Athlete’s Needs Differ by Degree not by Kind

If you’ve been around CrossFit for even a short period of time the term “Scaling” or “Scale” has probably come up. It might have been mentioned by a coach, recommending that you scale the workout in some way, or a member talking about how they personally scaled X workout on Y day. This modifying of […]

Continuing Community During COVID

Idaho’s path toward shutdown was quite a bit longer than many other states’. We watched most of the coastal states shut down and then followed after Washington and Oregon closed. I chose to close Verdant CrossFit and Verdant CrossFit North only after an amendment was made to the original state proposal. We coached the classes […]

Earn Your Diet

In preface to this article – there’s a principle to dieting and weight loss that’s important for you to understand. When we eat a certain amount of calories on a consistent basis, you create a baseline or maintenance caloric intake for your body. Going over this maintenance consistently causes weight gain and going under consistently […]

May 6th Email to Verdant Members

This is an email that I sent on May 6th. It was at a low point in our nation’s response to COVID-19 and I felt like it was necessary. “I have gotten a lot of emails, texts, and IMs asking the same questions: “When do we open? What are we going to do for Murph/classes/training?” […]

Phase Response to COVID-19

One of the benefits of the stay-at-home order and the social distancing protocols is the ability to maybe gain some perspective. We can see better, perhaps, what is important and what might be something that we can let go of. All of us have the ability to make those decisions for ourselves and to gain […]

What is Intensity?!

At our most recent coaches meeting last week I stood in front of our coaches and talked about intensity. I used an anecdote from the past few weeks; one of our members asked me about cardio (read the article I wrote on this already) and before I could answer they said their heart rate would […]