CrossFit – Fri, Jun 30


Makenna lifts in the 55kg A Session on the Red Platform at 4PM on Friday at June 30th

Lily lifts in the 81kg A Session on the Red Platform at 12PM on Sunday, July 2nd

Happy Birthday John Marc Coto!!!

Verdant CrossFit, Verdant CrossFit North – CrossFit

Clean and Jerk (75/3, 80/3, 85/3)

You’re the Problem (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


3-6-9-12-15… etc.

Handstand push-ups

Clean and jerks (95/135 lb)

Calorie row

Summer is Here (Checkmark)

3 rounds:

30 plank Alt.Knee to elbow

12-15 Narrow push-ups

:30 hollow flutter kicks

15 KB Horn Curls