CrossFit Lite – Mon, Jul 24


Happy Birthday Drew Temple!!!

Happy Birthday Jayke Tornson!!!

Happy Birthday Erin Burke!!!

Happy Birthday Isaac Bostrom!!!

Happy Birthday Jean Margulieux!!!

Happy Birthday Aly Frontczak!!!

Verdant CrossFit – CrossFit Lite

Power Snatch (3 x 3 Start at 70% and increase each set)

choose either clean and jerk or snatch!

Bamboozled Tigerlily (Time)

30 Thruster 75/55

30 Hang Clean and Jerk

30 Snatch
30 Thruster

30 Hang Clean and Jerk or Snatch

30 American Swings

Hang Clean and Jerk (3 3 3 Start @ 70% and increase each set )