CrossFit – Thu, Feb 16


L2 CrossFit Certification is this weekend! Classes canceled downtown Saturday and Sunday!

Happy Birthday Regan Fereday!!!

Happy Birthday Kahlil Williams!!!

Happy Birthday Shandee Barrett!!!

Happy Birthday Bay Sanin!!!

Verdant CrossFit, Verdant CrossFit North – CrossFit

A1: Alternating DB Gorilla Row (4 x 5 ea. arm)

Use KBs to make things easier.

A2: Bench Press (5 5 5 5 @ 65%)

Metcon (Checkmark)

10 Minutes not for time

Box Pistol 5-8ea.

Box Handstand Push-Up3 – 10

Reverse V-Up on Sliders 8-20
People who can RX this will benefit from trying the box. You can make this harder than the real movement.