Trainer Category: CrossFit

Whitney Wortham

Whitney has been at Verdant since 2020. She started right when COVID lockdowns went into effect and worked out at her garage everyday on our Zoom workouts. She has been incredibly dedicated since then and has only improved as an athlete and as a CrossFit professional. She received her CrossFit L1 Certification in 2021, but […]

Lindsey Campbell

Lindsey moved to Boise in 2017 to be on the competitive cheerleading team and attend school at Boise State University. She cheered at BSU for 4 years (2017-2021) and was a captain of the cheerleading team the 2020/21 school year. She is currently finishing up an Elementary Education degree with literacy endorsements, and a minor […]

Lena Mentyka

Lena is a new addition to our staff in 2020. We usually promote from within our ranks but Lena’s quick learning along with a great sense of professionalism and excellent classroom management made her an immediately awesome coach. She recently moved to Boise with her boyfriend and has been at the gym for hours everyday. […]

Daniel Holst

Daniel Holst hails from Ventura California. He began attending Boise State University in the fall of 2017 and will be graduating in the fall of 2021. He is currently pursuing a BS in Kinesiology with plans of attending a Doctor of Physical Therapy program when he graduates. Dan is 6’7″ and is the tallest person […]

Brooke Freiheit

Brooke graduated in 2014 from Augustana University (SD) with a BA in Exercise Science and Management. She ran track at Augie, competing in triple jump and 400s. After graduation, missing the community she had as part of the track team she started CrossFit at CrossFit St. Paul in Minnesota. In 2017, Brooke and her husband […]

Jeff Templeton

Sports and athletics are the fibers that have formed me into the coach that I am today. From a very young age I loved all things involving the ability to physically express myself in a competitive arena. That love of game propelled me into competitive high school sports, where I landed on basketball, my first […]

Jenai D’Orazi

Jenai leads one of the healthiest lifestyles at the gym. You might have seen her or Vince with a huge pile of “protes” or protein oats. She almost always has a tupperware container of food at any event that she goes to. This wasn’t always the case. After studying for the CrossFit L1 certification, she […]

Shelby Jones

Shelby started CrossFit in 2015 at Wasatch CrossFit in Utah before moving back to Michigan. She played in travel softball and basketball leagues all through her childhood and into high school. Shelby has always been into health and fitness, and she has a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University. Shelby […]

Erin Powell

Erin is a true Verdant CrossFit OG. She has been here since day one and has been an unrelenting advocate of our program and a permanent fixture in the 5:15AM classes. She is one of the most upbeat and positive people you will ever meet. She is also an amazing athlete. Erin played sports all […]

Basile Beaty

BA, MA, MA CCFT, CF-L3 Regionals 2012-2017 Games 2015 I opened Verdant CrossFit in 2014 in the old Newt and Harold’s location at 1021 S Broadway Boise, ID. In 2017 we bought CrossFit Refinery and moved Verdant into our new space at 528 S Americana. Verdant has been a labor of love and we now […]