Trainer Category: Weightlifting

Lena Mentyka

Lena is a new addition to our staff in 2020. We usually promote from within our ranks but Lena’s quick learning along with a great sense of professionalism and excellent classroom management made her an immediately awesome coach. She recently moved to Boise with her boyfriend and has been at the gym for hours everyday. […]

Jeff Templeton

Sports and athletics are the fibers that have formed me into the coach that I am today. From a very young age I loved all things involving the ability to physically express myself in a competitive arena. That love of game propelled me into competitive high school sports, where I landed on basketball, my first […]

Basile Beaty

BA, MA, MA CCFT, CF-L3 Regionals 2012-2017 Games 2015 I opened Verdant CrossFit in 2014 in the old Newt and Harold’s location at 1021 S Broadway Boise, ID. In 2017 we bought CrossFit Refinery and moved Verdant into our new space at 528 S Americana. Verdant has been a labor of love and we now […]

Cassie Smith

Straight up ride or die. Cassie has a long list of life and CrossFit accomplishments. She played 4 years of soccer in college and graduated in 2008 with a degree in English Literature and Film from Eastern Oregon University. In 2011 she received an MA from BSU in English Literature. In 2014 Cassie competed at […]

Isaac Campbell

Isaac moved to Boise from Alaska to train with the Verdant CrossFit crew in 2015. Within a year he had dramatically PR’d all his lifts. Shortly after, he started coaching at Verdant CrossFit and CrossFit Refinery (bought by Verdant in 2017). In 2016, Isaac decided to pursue Olympic weightlifting competitively and he walked away from […]