Fitness Specialists

Our coaching staff consists of experienced, knowledgable and enthusiastic coaches that are excited to teach our members every single class. We pride ourselves on our team communication, we use Slack to alert all coaches of member updates, and we have monthly meetings to update new movements, programming elements, info on new events, and to just hang out as a team. At Verdant, our number one priority is safety. We make sure our coaches are consistently trained on how to take care of anyone and everyone that steps foot through the door. Every coach is CrossFit Level 1 certified and most are Level 2 certified. I take a great deal of pride in the professionalism and consistency of the Verdant coaches.


Basile Beaty

Owner + Founder, Certified CrossFit Instructor

Cassie Smith

CrossFit Instructor, Weightlifting Coach

Crystal Parks

CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Lite Instructor

Emily Wilson

Head CrossFit Lite Instructor

Erin Powell

CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Lite Instructor

Isaac Campbell

CrossFit Instructor

Joey Brinton

CrossFit Instructor

Kerry Buck

CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Lite Instructor

Kevin Wexler

CrossFit Instructor

Lauren Harpe

CrossFit Lite Instructor

Sierra Bell

CrossFit Instructor

Vince D’Orazi

CrossFit Instructor, Firefighter

Zach “Smash” Lane

CrossFit Instructor, Social Media