101 Development

Barbell Development Program

Learn the basics, develop strength in olympic lifting positions, and develop your technique.

I began developing our Barbell Development Program in 2012. It has been adaptedĀ  and changed over years and hundreds of students. A huge part of the development can be credited to Sean Waxman and to my various coaches in Russia.

Historically, we have limited BDP 101 to 6 people or less in order to make sure that every student leaves with a very good base and that no stone is left unturned. The 101 program lasts 4-6 weeks (depending on how fast the class is moving) and for the first week and a half there are no olympic lifts. We focus on all the small parts of the program before moving on. We begin with the snatch here at Verdant and there is one reason for that: if you can snatch, you can clean.

BDP 101 is incredibly effective, but it requires commitment. We need our students to commit to 4-6 weeks Tues and Thur at 5:15PM. No missed classes, no cancellations.

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