CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids

We are committed, as you are, to the beautiful, difficult, and nuanced path that is your child’s future. I am very excited that you have chosen Crossfit Kids to be a part of that path as CrossFit has changed all of our lives for the better. For your child in our program, Our goal is to enhance the lives of your children, and to shape the trajectory of their lives. Our CF Kids Head Coach, Isaac, has dedicated the last 8 years of his life to coaching and training. In this new endeavor, your child’s safety and the opportunity to potentiate their lives are his focus.

Coach Isaac Campbell started training CrossFit in 2013 after finding some YouTube videos of Rich Froning working out. In 2015 he joined Verdant CrossFit and began coaching later that year. Coach Isaac is passionate about coaching and has dedicated the last 7 years of his life to his craft. 


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Outlined below are the procedures and rules that we enforce to best protect your child:


  1. Walk your children inside the gym for the start of the class, and come back into the gym to pick them up at the end of class.
  2. Unless discussed prior to class with the head coach, children are only allowed to go home with the parents/people named on the waiver.
  3. Notify the head coach if there is ANYTHING or ANYONE that is out of place in the parking lot or gym.
  4. Check your child in and out with the head coach before the start and finish of class.
  5. A signed waiver is required before your child is allowed to participate in a CrossFit Kids class.
  6.  Make sure your child has a water bottle with their name on it.
  7. If you choose to stay and observe a class(we love when you do!), please do not coach your child.
  8. Children who misbehave: the first warning – free of consequence, second warning – sitting out the first 2 min of the end of class game, third warning – send to parent.
  9. Payment is monthly unlimited($85) or Punch pass($50/5 sessions).
  10. Lastly, please let me know if there are any special considerations for your child  that may facilitate their individual safety, learning, and growth. (i.e. medications, injuries, illness, sports, etc.).

Teen Strength and Conditioning

We work with young adults and high school teams to develop strength, speed, and overall conditioning.

Our goal is to help younger students become good athletes. The skills that they will learn here aren’t sport specific. Rather, we focus on overall body control, basic lifting and other basic CrossFit elements that will help them move better and more efficiently. Read more about out our Teen Strength & Conditioning program in our blog post.