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Your Key to Health and Wellness
There are three foundations to fitness:

– Exercise

– Nutrition

– Accountability

Verdant’s Crossfit Lite is a health program built on these pillars.  CrossFit is an infinitely adaptable program and our Lite program removes all the most complex movements while maintaining the safety and efficacy that makes CrossFit so effective.

Train using the most effective fitness movements, become educated on healthy nutritional choices and create fitness accountability through group classes and community.

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Group Fitness That Feels One-On-One

Crossfit Lite is like having a personal trainer in a group setting.

Your class will always start punctually and the coach will take you through the warm-up as a group. There is always a strength component after the warm-up, which can be adapted for anyone with any type of pre-existing challenge. Finally, you do an intense workout the whole time being helped by a watchful instructor.

Our coaches are amazing at seeing movement faults and can help you understand and perform all of the movements in class. Outside of the class we help all our clients with their nutrition specifically through our Precision Nutrition platform.

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Meet Your Coach & Advocate
Meet your CrossFit Lite Instructor, Emily Wilson

Certified in exercise physiology, yoga and nutrition, Emily understands how the body works and shares her knowledge with you. Compassionate and focused, she is your health advocate both inside and outside the gym.

Classes are available 5 times daily Monday – Friday. You’ll pay only $155 for this workout, nutrition program and accountability from peers.

Meet Emily

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