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Verdant Barbell Club

A USAW Weightlifting Club

We make the best olympic lifters in the valley. Since becoming an established Barbell Club we have had the 2016 and 2017 overall state champion. In 2016 our men won the state meet and in 2018 our men won the state meet. We have a number of national lifters in our program. We specialize in developing technique and then creating strong, well-rounded athletes. We want our lifters to be athletic and fit even during heavy lifting cycles. We use a variety of cycles that we have had a great deal of success with. Even if you’re not a lifter in Boise, we have a number of remote athletes that we send programming out to make them competitive in their regions.

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Barbell Development Program

Barbell 101
This is the place to start if you’ve never studied olympic lifting. Some of our best lifters have started here and have become national lifters from this program.
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Barbell Club

Olympic Lifting
This is our designated USAW Barbell Club that meets three times a week or more. We lift train together and compete together. This is for experienced lifters and anyone who has been through our Barbell Development Program.

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