CrossFit Pricing

If you’re new to CrossFit we offer four separate on-boarding classes which all build on each other. These classes prepare you for all the major movements and warm ups that you’ll often see in our CrossFit classes. We schedule these sessions at YOUR CONVENIENCE and after the session is over, we will provide you with a video of your movement with commentary. That way you can see yourself and you can remember the cues that we are giving you so you can be SUCCESSFUL!
$360/3 MONTH
$700/6 MONTH
OnRamp Package
4 One-on-one sessions at $30/session

Barbell Club Pricing

There are a few ways to begin at Verdant Barbell Club. If you’re new to Olympic Lifting and you’re interested in starting for the first time, our Barbell Development Program (BDP) is right for you. BDP 101 meets twice a week for 5-6 weeks and the classes are capped at 6 people. Once you’ve graduated 101, the 102 course is the next step. If you’re a current weightlifter, either self-taught or coming from another barbell club, you are typically welcome to jump into our Verdant Barbell Club (VBC). VBC meets three times a week and is home to the 2016 and 2017 Idaho state champions.
Barbell Club
Barbell Development
$75/4 week course

CrossFit Lite Pricing

At Verdant Fit we know that we can help you achieve your goals through three foundations: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Our goal is to give you group-based, high-intensity interval training, an unbelievable nutrition platform that you can access on your mobile device anywhere in the world and a forum that will keep you accountable to your own goals.
CrossFit Lite Unlimited
CrossFit Lite Unlimited with Nutrition