Valentines Day WoD 2016

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We know what we do well: foster and cultivate our great community. If you’ve ever been to a Verdant party or event you know how awesome they are. We have had some pretty epic games, non CrossFit competitions, and general shenanigans.

Verdant has had too many events, RPGs, and parties to list

Every year we do a live role-playing-game, a cornhole tournament, various annual workouts, and countless other games, events, and activities. We have fun, we are all a little weird, and we go hard in our workouts. It's always a good time.

Annual Cornhole Grand Ninja Master Tournament

AKA the Justin Thomas Memorial Cornhole Tournament

Every year we hold a gym wide cornhole tournament. We hold the tournament at the gym. The competition is fierce and the stakes are high. Each team enters a small amount of money into the general pot and the top 3 teams take all the winnings. In addition, the winning team earns the Cornhole Scepter and must mount it in their house for the next year.

2019 Masters vs Millennials CrossFit Open Competition

In 2019 we had our very first Masters (35+) vs. Millennials (34>) competition. The competition lasted 5 weeks and by the end the Masters were victorious. Click on the title for more info!

Verdant Happy Hour

We have run probably 30 – 40 Happy Hour WoDs on Friday evenings. Each has had their own theme and each has been a ton of fun. We do a big fun workout and then have food and drink after. We have had mini-dodgeball tournaments, everyone has dressed as their favorite Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter character, everyone has dressed as their profession, and a ton of other random or wacky themes.