Verdant CrossFit was started in 2014 by owner Basile Beaty. Basile’s love for CrossFit and interest in Boise was the perfect combination to make this wonderful community.

Visit a Verdant CrossFit class and you’ll be immediately welcomed. We understand the importance of “third place” beyond work and home, and strive to make Verdant that place for everyone.  We do A LOT of community-building activities. We have monthly get-togethers at local eateries and breweries, field days in the summer, parties, in-house competitions, and other fun things. We enjoy hanging out together – and we hope you will too!

Another thing you’ll find special about the Verdant community is that our coaches are trained to make sure you do the best movement you’re capable of. That means you’ll get lots of feedback and help. We feel it’s imperative for you to have a positive experience. You should leave each class having learned something about a movement and about yourself.