Verdant CrossFit

Verdant CrossFit, first and foremost, is a CrossFit gym! We run group-based fitness classes that are instructed by a qualified coach. Our classes run almost every hour of the day and each class lasts exactly one hour.

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, done at high intensity. What does that mean? Well, we do lots of different workouts comprised of body-weight and free-weight movements. We mix and match those movements and do them as hard as we can – or as hard as we can that day.

The wonderful thing about CrossFit is that it’s universally and infinitely scalable. That means every movement can be exchanged for something more basic, weights can be lighter, or we can do fewer repetitions. CrossFit is for anyone at any fitness level. There is no reason to “get fit” before you come in. We’ll meet you right where you are.

Who We Are

We think Verdant is a special place because our coaches are trained to help our members achieve the best possible movement. Our job is to help you improve your fitness in the safest way. Be prepared to be coached, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Most of our workouts include a strength component, in which you will work on the big lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and presses, as well as the snatch and the clean and jerk. A CrossFit workout will also include a metabolic conditioning portion, which is where you get to breathe hard and get sweaty. We’ll also do accessory lifts, work on gymnastics skills such as handstands, and do core work. Each day you can expect to do something different. We do everything as a class, even the warm-up!


Verdant CrossFit Owner & Founder

Basile Beaty

Our Owner and Leader, Basile Beaty, taught high school for a number of years and has earned his first master’s degree in Curriculum and Education. After teaching in Russia and then at the University of Southern California for three years, where he earned his second graduate degree, he has accrued almost 20 years of teaching experience.

Our programming reflects his teaching experience and the care given to the development of our coaches demonstrates this as well. Basile treats the programming with the same care, precision and forethought that he used while teaching high school and at the universities. We have a truly indescribable energy at the gym as well as a community that provides a second home and an awesome group of friends for all newcomers.