Verdant Athlete Camp

Verdant has a long history of competitive success. Almost every year since 2015, Verdant has produced high-ranking, competitive teams. We competed at the CrossFit Games, at regionals, and at semi-finals. Our coaching staff is experienced in competition and adept at finding the right ways to build athletes who are smart, skilled, and strong
Our athlete camp occurs over a weekend in early January and focuses on preparing athletes for the upcoming CrossFit Open competitive season. We welcome competitors from all gyms. Anyone interested in taking the Open seriously and/or participating in local competitions may sign up. This weekend is all about friendly competition, revisiting what it takes to win races, and learning strategy.
We held our first annual Athlete camp in 2024. Throughout the two days, we practiced high-skill movements, worked on strength, and hit the red line in some epic workouts. Aside from that, we played games and got to know each other. Our ultimate goal is to build a close competitive community in the Treasure Valley.