Looking for a Workout in Boise?
We welcome any Drop-Ins from other CrossFit affiliates! Please click on the waiver button below!

Welcome to the Gem State! If you’re looking to workout while in Boise, look no further!

At Verdant we have a state of the art and newly renovated facility in the heart of downtown Boise. We encourage anyone and everyone to check out our space and enjoy our vibrant community.


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If you have the time, please just shoot us an email letting us know you’ll be in town. This helps us alert our coaches!

Contact Us
Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of class you will be joining. Our classes start promptly at the time listed.


We have a great community here and awesome people in our classes. We encourage everyone to jump into classes. CrossFit is all about the unknown and unknowable. If you NEED to do your own programming the only time is 1-4PM!