Kids CrossFit

We are committed, as you are, to the beautiful and nuanced path that is your child’s future. We’re so glad you’ve chosen CrossFit Kids to be part of that path!
Our CrossFit Kids program is split to serve two age groups. Our younger kiddos (ages 5-8) spend their class time both playing games and learning the most basic CrossFit movements. We focus on good movement, learning to compete (and lose) with a good attitude, and most importantly, learning to love physical activity.
The older kids’ (9-12) classes are run similarly to regular CrossFit classes. The kids do a warm-up, practice a movement, and then do a workout. We do it all with a flair of fun, so that kids learn the joy of moving their bodies and pushing themselves.
Our CrossFit Kids coaches are passionate, fun people who will do their best to make sure your child has a great time and learns something every time they come in.
Outlined below are the procedures and rules that we enforce to best protect your child: