On Ramps

New CrossFitters

New CrossFitters go through our OnRamp program. 5 one-on-one personal training sessions with staff member to develop all the skills and CrossFit knowledge needed to be in CrossFit classes. At Verdant CrossFit we want to set up all our new members for success. If you are someone who wants to do CrossFit for the first time we have 5 OnRamp courses that teach all the movements you need to know to start CrossFit. The OnRamp courses are designed to prepare you for how daily CrossFit classes function and to introduce you to movements used in classes. The 5 sessions focus on squatting, pressing, hinging, Olympic lifting, and gymnastics. The most important thing we teach is the concept of scaling workouts and learning how the workouts fit your fitness, experience, and strength level. Each OnRamp is done one-on-one and they are $35 each

Packages and rates:

5 On Ramp Package + Nutrition

5 On Ramp Package