Verdant Barbell

Verdant Barbell Club

A USAW Weightlifting Club

Our barbell class is specialized to help our members grow proficiency and strength in the Olympic lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. We focus on developing technique first and then progress to building strength.

Classes are set up to provide athletes with specified, quality programming that can be tailored to fit any skill level. We’ll work on the lifts, as well as accessory and strength-building movements to improve the Olympic lifts and all-round athleticism.


Any of our members are invited to join barbell class at no extra cost. Even if you’re not planning to compete in the sport of weightlifting, these classes will help make you stronger and more comfortable with the lifts. We find the athletes who attend consistently show more improvement faster. So, plan to come regularly.

For those interested in competing, our barbell club is an official USA Weightlifting club, and we make some of the best Olympic lifters in the valley. Since becoming an established Barbell Club in 2016, we’ve won several state championships and broken state records. We also have a long roster of athletes who have competed at the American Open Finals and the USA Weightlifting National Championships.

We can provide personalized programming for athletes wishing to compete, no matter what level. Please note this does come with an extra cost.