This isn’t a place where you are going to find meal plans. Nutrition is something that needs to be a top priority and we want you to hold yourself accountable for meal creation, meal prep, and portion control. We believe in a largely habit-based approach to nutrition. We have a fantastic article (here) on weight loss if that’s the direction you are headed.
The Short Answer (free Nutrition guide)
Get on Track
Verdant Nutrition
We don’t do meal plans. But we do offer one-on-one coaching designed to set you up for a lifetime of success.

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

A 6 week program that gives you all the agency to create new habits and personal accountability.

How to Start

             A. Talk in person with a trainer at Verdant

             B. Establish a realistic timeframe and commit to making a change

1. Track your macro nutrients for a week

2. Get your new macros from Verdant (one-on-one check-in)

3. Work for 2 weeks on consistency

4. One-on-one check-in with a coach

5. 4 Weeks to make those new patterns habit