Nic Jayo – CF L1

Verdant North


After relocating to Fruitland for a high school teaching and football coaching role, Nic discovered CrossFit through a mentor. Instantly captivated after just one class, he found a sense of belonging within the community. Transitioning from the repetitive bicep and tricep routines at the gym, Nic’s interest in CrossFit blossomed after his inaugural session at Four Rivers CrossFit and the introduction of constantly varied functional movements. This led him to pursue his L1 certification after two years as an athlete.

Nic’s life has always revolved around sports, primarily football and baseball during his formative years. He grew up with the daily routine of regular visits to the gymnastics gym owned by his parents after school. Throughout college, his commitment to fitness remained steadfast, working out diligently and working at the University of Idaho rec center. He coached football and taught high school social studies for six years post-graduation. However, his fervor for football gradually transitioned to an enduring passion for CrossFit.

Embracing this newfound enthusiasm, Nic assumed a coaching role at SideYard Training CrossFit, dedicating his time to evening and morning classes, along with orchestrating the in-house competition. Seeking fresh avenues for growth as both a coach and an athlete, he joined Verdant in late 2023, eager for new opportunities and challenges.