2021 CrossFit Games Community Event

2021 CrossFit Games Community Event

Our CrossFit Games Open 2021 Community Event will have three teams competing for gymwide dominance. The three teams are easy – think of your first name and that will tell you what team you are in!

Team #1 (Name Unknown) – First Names A-H

Team #2 (Name Unknown) – First Names I-P

Team #3 (Name Unknown) – First names Q-Z

Your mission is to rep your team with your team’s color ON FRIDAY.

Team #1 is Green,

Team #2 is Black,

Team #3 is White.

Each team will start 21.1 (the name of the first Open WoD) with 100 points. If someone from your team comes in without your team colors your team will lose 5 points. There are roughly 100 people per team…

Extra Points:

  1. Your team will get an extra 50 points if you can get a picture of 7 or more people from one team at one time at the gym.
  2. 50 points if your team can come up with a TEAM NAME signed by at least 30 members of your team
  3. 25 points if your team comes up with a team logo (Logo must have the name of the team within it).
  4. 25 points if your team decides on a team captain. This needs at least 15 additional teammate signatures. This person CANNOT be a coach.

These extra points can be earned UP TILL END OF DAY MONDAY.

GOOD LUCK. Each week there will be new ways to earn points, troll other teams by taking their points away, and have fun. This is the easy week!

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