Month: January 2024

Phase Response to COVID-19

One of the benefits of the stay-at-home order and the social distancing protocols is the ability to maybe gain some perspective. We can see better, perhaps, what is important and

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Earn Your Diet

In preface to this article – there’s a principle to dieting and weight loss that’s important for you to understand. When we eat a certain amount of calories on a

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2021 CrossFit Games Open

The 2021 CrossFit Games Open is UPON US!!! Actually, sorry, it’s the NOBULL CrossFit Games!! NOBULL is probably the first in a long list of major changes to the CrossFit

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The Gymnastics Course Experience

DO LESS…BUT BETTER Lena Mentyka from Verdant here! These are my impressions of my time at the Gymnastics Course! Last weekend, at the 2-day Gymnastics Course I attended in Seattle,

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